Intentionality - Just Do It

But what about being intentional about our main purpose in life as followers of Christ. Our purpose in life is to know God/Jesus and to make Him known. It’s the Great Commandment and the Great Commission. We do a fairly good job in knowing God, but how intentional are we at making Him known?


Our purpose on this earth is to intentionally share the good news and make disciples. To be witnesses.


What if we were not intentional about the basic things in life? What if we didn’t eat, didn’t sleep, didn’t work, didn’t get dressed, or didn’t brush our teeth? We would be a hungry, grouchy, lazy, naked believer with rotten teeth! Yikes!


But what if we are not good at evangelism or discipleship? Can we be excused? Nope, we are all in this together. It’s a command.


Just as a soldier intentionally never goes into battle without being armed, so we should intentionally never go into battle, into the world, without being armed. No, I’m not talking about real weapons, but intentionally taking with us a tract, a memorized way to transition to the gospel, or intentionally being ready to share our testimony. What if we woke up every day intentionally asking God to send someone to cross our path so we could share our testimony?


Let’s be intentional in our gospel sharing. Let’s make a plan for when we are going to share the gospel. We can intentionally meet someone for lunch, send them a text, give them a call, or drop by their house with the hope or plan of sharing the gospel that day.


We can ask, “Is God intentional?” The quick answer is, absolutely YES! God is intentional in all He does. Was Jesus intentional? Again, a resounding YES! He knew that He would eventually end up on the cross. Jesus intentionally studied the Scriptures, healed people, fed people, and intentionally shared the good news with them. Is the Holy Spirit intentional? So, if God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are intentional, then shouldn’t we be intentional? The answer, YES!


If we don’t know how, we can ask someone who is doing it. We can ask our pastor to have a class on evangelism or discipleship. If no one is doing it at our church, we can Google it or watch YouTube videos on sharing our faith. We must be intentional about our main purpose as a follower of Christ. Intentionally share the good news about Jesus. As Nike would say, “Just Do It!".